Office Furniture Decommissioning

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Office Furniture Decommissioning

Office Furniture Decommissioning | The Office Liquidator - Phoenix AZ

We, at The Office Liquidator, offer many different office furniture decommissioning services. A large part of debris and waste in the landfill is from the corporate environment. We are looking to help companies cut down on trash by providing office furniture decommissioning services. We have different options such as reconditioning, resale, donation, or recycling.

Resale is a great option when thinking about office furniture decommissioning. We buy the furniture from you, take it to our showroom, and resell it to other customers and companies. This way, the furniture stays out of the landfill and companies get a great price of used office furniture.

Reconditioning is for furniture that may not be up to the highest of standards. Whether it needs to be pained, repaired, or just a touchup, we provide these services as well. If you need an assessment of your office furniture, just let us know. We would be happy to come to your business and discuss the many different options we have to offer you. Recycling is another option for your used office furniture. We will remove it from your place of business and dismantle it. From there, we will salvage all the recyclable materials thus recycling them for you. We provide this service for our clients because most do not have the time to do it themselves. Recycling is a wonderful option for our office furniture decommissioning services and we would be happy to do it for you.

For our many different office furniture decommissioning services, give us a call at The Office Liquidator. Serving in the Phoenix, AZ area, we also ship nationwide. We are here to help you keep our landfills cleaner and make the world a better place. Give us a call today for more information!